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Does any of this sound like you?

You are lacking confidence in your ability to effectively teach math because math is taught differently than how you learned math when you were in school. 

You spend so much of your time searching the internet for strategies or resources to re-teach tough math concepts because students just aren't getting it.

You're struggling to engage students in math and you want to make the math hands-on and meaningful with manipulatives but you aren't sure where to start.

You're frustrated with the lack of support and professional development and want to grow your math brain so you're the best math teacher for your students.

If you ever wished you had...

...access to videos to teach you the math that you're supposed to teach your students. You want to know the why behind the math and how to use manipulatives in a meaningful way.

...hands-on math resources you can use as students are learning tough concepts, not a packet of worksheets. You want to make the learning concrete and engaging for your students.

...a community of teachers and a support system to turn to when you don't understand a standard, your students are struggling, or you just need a little inspiration and encouragement.

Create More Hands-On Math Experiences for Your Students

When I first started teaching, I shared many of the same frustrations you might have, so I invested countless hours (and dollars) learning everything I could about how elementary students learn math.

I saw tremendous growth from all students when I focused on conceptual understanding through hands-on work instead of relying on textbooks and drilling students with math rules. I gained a new confidence and different outlook on teaching math so, of course, I want to share that with you!

If you're struggling as a math teacher or you're not fully confident in your understanding of the math you teach, you're not alone. I created Mix and Math 360° because teachers like you were asking questions like "how do I get students to truly understand dividing decimals?" or "how do you use pattern blocks to teach fractions?" or "that video was so helpful, do you have more?"  

I want to help you gain the knowledge it took me years to gain so you can teach math with confidence and creativity.

"There are too many wins to list! I LOVE this program and have become such a better math teacher because of all the new things I have learned even though I have been teaching for a really long time!"

Mary Kay C. (4th Grade Math Teacher)

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Concept-Specific Videos

Understand the why behind the math concepts you teach and learn how to meaningfully incorporate manipulatives into your teaching.

Hands-On Math Resources

Build students' conceptual understanding of math concepts through hands-on activities designed specifically for 4th and 5th grade classrooms.

Community & Support

Learn alongside like-minded math teachers and get support from our 360° coaches and community members whenever you have a question.

Concept-Specific Teacher Videos

Build your own understanding of the math concepts you teach in 4th and 5th grade with our growing library of 10-15 minute teacher videos. The core focus of each video is how to develop students' conceptual understanding through the use of math manipulatives and other hands-on resources.

Hands-On Math Resources

Deepen students' understanding of math concepts with our printable resources that are designed to create hands-on learning experiences with math manipulatives, allow students to make connections to visual representations, and apply their understanding through engaging practice.

Community and Coaching

Learn from live training sessions that are meaningful, relevant, and easily applied to your classroom. Ask questions, celebrate wins, and receive guidance from a community of math educators and our 360° coaches. Join our live Q&As to get more in-depth answers to your math-related questions.

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Don't miss these bonuses!

Math PD Library

$76 value

Dive deep into topics that aren't tied to a specific skill or math concept but are very relevant to upper elementary math classrooms such as building number sense or problem-solving. PD certificates are also provided for these sessions.

Manipulative Mini-Course

$29 value

Just getting started with math manipulatives? This mini-course walks through a model for planning hands-on lessons and highlights several math tools that are useful for 4th and 5th grade classrooms.

Bonus Math Surprises

$80 value

Enjoy bonus math surprises all in one spot! From classroom posters to teacher templates or math games... You'll see different resources that are simply meant to bring a little math joy to the classroom!

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  • Concept-Specific Videos
  • Hands-On Math Resources
  • Community of Math Teachers
  • Math PD Library
  • Manipulative Mini-Course
  • Monthly Math Teacher Surprise
  • ...and all new content added!

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  • Concept-Specific Videos
  • Hands-On Math Resources
  • Community of Math Teachers
  • Math PD Library
  • Manipulative Mini-Course
  • Monthly Math Teacher Surprise
  • ...and all new content added!



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  • Concept-Specific Videos
  • Hands-On Math Resources
  • Community of Math Teachers
  • Math PD Library
  • Manipulative Mini-Course
  • Monthly Math Teacher Surprise
  • ...and all new content added!

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our promise to you...

Mix and Math 360° will increase your confidence and give you the tools to transform how students learn math in your classroom. If it’s not the right fit for you, you are free to cancel your membership at any time. No questions asked!

"I have so much more confidence teaching math now! From the resources for each topic to the video sessions you offer, I have learned so much and grown as a math teacher."

Kristen B. (5th Grade Math Teacher)

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A math educator who has worked with students and teachers in both upper elementary and middle grades. I hold a master's degree in Elementary Mathematics Education and am passionate about helping teachers grow their understanding of the math concepts they teach. I believe in the power of experiencing math through hands-on work and I use my platform through Mix and Math to equip upper elementary teachers with the knowledge, resources, and confidence to inspire a generation of empowered math learners.

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"I found out today that my 50 students scored the highest on their end of year math test than any other class in the entire district. I definitely contribute this to you. I learned what effective math instruction looks like and sounds like from you. I did everything you suggested and it paid off for those kiddos in the end.”

Lyndsie D. (4th Grade Math Teacher)

Are you ready to transform the way you teach math and the way your students learn math?